Politique de prix

At Hubtimize, we’ve chosen to open the platform’s features to the fullest.

For example, Customers (Importers and Exporters) can register for free, describe their needs and book with the Logistics Provider of their choice.

For Logistics Providers it’s almost the same. They can register, refer by putting their profile online and then pass on their offers free of charge and without any limits to the requesting customers. The platform only charges a commission when they are selected for an operation. So as long as Logistics Providers don’t make money, they don’t pay anything.

This commission amounts to 05% (without VAT) of the total amount of the transaction. It may not be much, but we do not want to impact the competitiveness of our partners when they work on Hubtimize platform. We only win when they win and we make them cheaper via the platform than on traditional channels.

This is our vision of partnership, we only win if our partners win : it’s the principle of “win and pay”!